Boot setup frustrations

As I stated in my last post I’m planning to set the BBB to ignore the on board eMMC and boot off of the MicroSD card instead. Because of a comedy of errors which include inaccurate info on BeagleBone’s own wiki and as well as the bizarre boot process of the BBB I’m currently reflashing the board yet again. It’s the boot process I am going to speak of.

The first thing that threw me is that the firmware requires at least two partitions on each disk. First a vFAT partition that has the boot loader as well as the config file for the boot loader and the second is the actual Linux file system. There is no way I can find to get it to read the boot loader and configs off of a ext2/3 filesystem. I’m used to there being a separate /boot partition. I’m just not used to it having to be formatted vFAT.
The second thing is the boot loader it uses U-Boot. I’m sure it’s a fine boot loader but the way it works is… different. For example, it’s config file, uEnv.txt, does not seem to have very good documentation. I’ve found some hints in the forums and groups but nothing solid.

Enough ranting. I think I’ve got the correct process figured out. If I’m right my next post will be on how to get it to boot off the MicroSD card. If not I’ll be enlarging the forehead shaped dent in my desk

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